As you may know a lot of investment has been put in to Melbourne Airfield by the three clubs who run events on the venue, Trackrod Motor Club, North Humberside Motor Club and Lindholme Motor Sports Club.

Two events have now run on the venue after completion of the work and there are still some improvements on an ongoing basis. The third event in 2019 will be the Vale of York Stages Rally on Sunday September 8th run by Lindholme Motor Sports Club.
As usual I would be grateful for any offers to marshal covering Radios, Start and stop line crews and, of course, in stage Marshals. We would prefer that the majority of Marshals were registered with Motor Sport UK , however non registered marshals are still welcome and will be buddied up with other registered marshals.
It is our intention to run 8 stages, signing on will be from around 06:30 in the usual spot. There is a slight change to the marshals ‘goodies’ this year as we will be providing ‘breakfast vouchers’ towards a bacon buttie and drink or similar from the catering facilities that will be on site. There will also be the usual marshals prize draw.
If you are able to help us out this year please let me know, including your preferred role, at .It will make signing on much, much quicker if you can please include a photograph of your MSA marshals registration card when first contacting me. Additionally if you are volunteering for a radio role can you let me know if you will be single or double manned as this will assist greatly with our planning.
I look forward to hearing from you very soon.
Richard Elms

Chief Marshal


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