Welcome to the Vale of York Stages Rally


Lindholme MSC and Slaithwaite MC warmly welcome you to the fourth running of our single venue rally at Melbourne. The first three events ran very successfully and we hope that fans of Melbourne (for there are many such...) will enjoy the latest edition which makes up the trio of rallies held there.


The Vale of York Stages Rally represents a fusion of the organising teams of the former Lincoln Green Stages at Blyton (Lindholme MSC) and Opposite Lock Stages at Manby (Slaithwaite MC). The first named rally in 2012 and 2013 was voted by contenders of the East Midlands Association S.V. Championship as the best round of the season. Many of the team also have long experience of organisation of the Robin Hood Forest Stages Rally. The Opposite Lock team used Manby to great effect over many years, bringing their own style to rallies at this popular venue. The 2015 VoYSR was voted as the Best Event of the EMAMC Mixed Surface Championship.


A 5-year Development Plan is in progress with further repairs and track improvements, with support from the MSA Club Development scheme. Many mixer-loads of concrete have been laid over the last three years by volunteers from all four organising clubs. It is not the intention to create a race-track venue: this would be prohibitively expensive, and would rob the site of its innate character as a rally venue, not as a glorified track day location. Having said that, much of Melbourne does have very good surfaces, which facilitate a high speed challenge.


The Vale of York Stages Rally is the third of the year’s rallies on Melbourne – the others being Trackrod’s Lookout Stages in April, and North Humberside’s John Overend Memorial in May. To encourage competitors to engage with the rallies, there is a Melbourne Challenge covering all three events. This was won in 2014 and 2015 by Alex Taylor in his very rapid Subaru Forester. The VoYSR team hopes that the rally will continue to build on the strengths of previous years, and give competitors an outstanding day’s sport in September. Supplementary Regulations will be published in early July

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